Testimonial from a Client with Social Anxiety

I came to the Anxiety Research Clinic after over 10 years of living with social anxiety. I have been taking medication which helped but was still suffering with many of the symptoms of SAD. I had seen numerous therapists & counselors over the years and still I couldn’t tackle the problem. I had been doing some research and decided to go to the Anxiety Research Clinic as a last resort before I just gave up and tried to just live with it. The cognitive behavior therapy was different from any treatment I had received in the past. The real-life “exposures” are what helped me to finally conquer my fears. I was finally facing all the scenarios that made my social anxiety at its worst, however I noticed improvements in my behavior after only the first session. After the exposures I noticed that my thinking and behaviors started to change for the better. I am now excited to go out and be around people instead of being dreadfully nervous & anxious. I still practice what I’ve learned on a daily basis and continuously see improvement.